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Posture tips for better health

Ed riffs on achieving better posture. In the video above, Ed discusses how to develop and maintain good posture, touching on the following topics: ¬† Envisioning posture based on classic “before and after “pictures Posture involves increasing your abdominal tone in order to support your back. Think of it as pushing your stomach back, not […]

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What do you want us to focus on?

Over the last 3 years we have been publishing Functional Therapy Magazine we have tackled many subjects. As we have worked to share insights about health from a variety of perspectives, I have been publishing about “Wholistic health” and “Life Balance” as well as about some tricks to “Pain Reduction”, “Stroke Rehabilitation” and “Shoulder Recovery”. […]

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Who are we to talk about health?

In April of 1996 I finished my last internship of my Occupational Therapy degree. I received my diploma in the mail a few weeks later. Graduation didn’t mean an end to my education but, in many ways, it marked the start of it. The privilege to be able to work as an Occupational Therapist and […]

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Welcome to Functional Therapy Magazine!

Welcome to¬†Functional Therapy Magazine! This is the new, improved FTM site. Recently we had some serious hacking trouble. Some bad guys attacked us and they won… but they can’t keep us down. We invested in a better more secure system that will be much more difficult to harm. I don’t want to tempt them because […]