Posture tips for better health

Ed riffs on achieving better posture.

In the video above, Ed discusses how to develop and maintain good posture, touching on the following topics:
Envisioning posture based on classic “before and after “pictures

Posture involves increasing your abdominal tone in order to support your back.

Think of it as pushing your stomach back, not sucking it in.
The spine’s ideal “s-curve” posture is easiest to achieve by keeping a tall spine.
The easiest way to make your spine tall is it lift hour head up as you lower your shoulders.
This will help you move better, feel better and look better.
Basic spinal stretches to improve posture.
Maintaining good head posture.
It’s an active posture, it takes a little energy but you will get stronger quickly.
Remember: Most (if not all) cultures value a long neck as a sign of beauty.
You can do it.
There, you look (and feel)better already.